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Two Brothers Brewing-Or How I Fell In Love With A Brewery

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As long as I've bellied up to a bar, I've had a love for the random conversation with the patron to my right or left. At Behind The Craft, we head out to breweries, distilleries and pubs to have a few with the folks who create the drinks and food that bring us together. From brewer to bartender and distiller to chef, we find out what makes these guys and gals tick, how they got started and where they find inspiration. So pull up a chair and tune in to find out what's, Behind The Craft..

Coop Ale Works-F5 IPA

A special thanks for some of the following beers goes out to twitter user, farmer and beer lover @Wines_N_Cattle.  His Okie care packaged was filled...

An interview with Chris Anderson – General Manager of Maryland Homebrew

Chris Anderson began brewing more than seventeen years ago.  It was a natural fit for a cook that was used to working with herbs in...

Two Brothers Brewing-Or How I Fell In Love With A Brewery

Download this episode (right click and save)          iTunes Link Here   I wanted this to be a piece telling you how...

“Agriculture, Malting, and Breweries in Maryland, a Historical Perspective” by Maureen O’Prey

Barley had a long history of harvest in Maryland. Prior to Prohibition Maryland had a fine six rowed bearded winter barley crop that was used...

“Women in the Brewing Industry” by Maureen O’Prey

Why does it still seem surprising to some to find women in the craft brewing industry in recent decades? Historically, this is not a new...

Upcoming DC Beer Buy-Bell’s and Founders

                       Okay folks! Time for the second DC beer buy.  We’re going back to Rodman’s...
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