We Get Rowdy With The Guys From Atlas Brew Works

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One of the things that I love about going to a baseball game in the summer time is the beer.  Now.  I’m not talking any good old craft beer, I’m talking about peanuts and crackerjacks beer.  I’m talking overpriced “Light” Beer in the bleachers at Wrigley.  I’m talking that stale and chewy taste you get when you drink the last sip of a warm beer that’s been sitting in front of you for a few minutes because if you don’t drink it out of the plastic cup it comes in within 98 seconds, it’s warm.   The only reason it tastes like peanuts is because it’s been unintentionally dry hopped thanks to the guy next to you flicking his shells in your beer.


YEAH!   That’s the ticket.  There’s nothing like a beer at a ball park.


Now, imagine the same scenario.  Just replace that “Light” Beer with a craft beer from a local brewery.  Not only that, replace it with a specially made for the ball park beer.  A Helles Lager even.   It’s light but it doesn’t have that bread like finish that makes you wanting to drink more only to mask the taste of the previous sip.  It’s crisp and finishes off slightly dry which allows you to keep pace with the temperature build and before you know it, it’s time for another.  And Another.  And probably one more (remember to consume responsibly or uber your way home).


Atlas Brew Works has done this exact thing for the Nationals in Washington DC.  Their 1500 Helles Lager is just an example of the great beers they’re making over in their North East DC located Brewery.   Whether it’s their Home Rule IPA or District Common brewed with Czech Saaz hops, Atlas is producing beers with a simple thought in mind.  Let’s make em simple and let’s make em taste great.  The Rowdy Rye is such a phenomenal example of this. Coming in with 61 IBU’s and at 6.2% the rye is never overpowered by the sweetness of the hops.  Instead, they balance one another out, leaving the imbiber with a great swath of rye flavor over the middle of the tongue.  It’s an experience of flavor.  Not a sledgehammer of rye on your palate.


Sitting down with Justin and Will, we talked about everything from the home brew start to their days at Vandy together all the way out to selecting the space, equipment and just coming up with new beers and who they’d do a collaboration with.   If you’re in the DC area, make sure you stop on by, as they keep their door pretty much open to walk in growler fills as long as you’re willing to wait out whatever it is that they’re doing.  And oh…if you happen to be throwing a big shin dig, they do kegs as well!

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