I Head to Hardywood to Talk Gingerbread, Wes Anderson, Black Sabbath and the Perfect Goulash

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There are times where, if my drive back is long enough, I’ll listen to a show to gauge how it went and what I would have done differently.  This is a lot different from sitting down and editing, because I’m not paying as much attention to what is being said in so much as how it sounds.  On my way back from Hardywood in Richmond though, I had a funny visualization of the 4 brewers I had just sat down with and it all spawned from Nick exclaiming that his “desert island” movie would be anything by Wes Anderson.


I thought about how fitting that choice really was and this whole vision came into my head of the Hardywood Brewery set up as one of those elaborate doll house stages that Wes does so well.  It’s easy to picture once you’ve sat down with them all.   The shot would have to start at Brian’s office.


The camera would pan up to Brian’s office door, where it would have to have Head Brewer emblazoned over a frosted glass door. He would standing behind his desk, stroking his thick, yet neatly trimmed beard while intently looking through recipe’s.  A soccer ball would be in the corner, next to some boots adorning his team colors from when he played in New Zealand.  A book would be in plain view-“The Joy of Homebrewing” to show how it all started for him.


Brian would grin, noting to the audience that he’s found the recipe he’d been searching for and the camera would follow him out and into the brewery.  He’d walk up to Ken to talk to him about the yeast strain they’d be using.  Ken would be in a lab coat with protective goggles and he’d be wearing shorts with huge rubber work boots.  He’d be in something of a lab and have posters showing the many breweries he’s traveled to and on a hot plate in the background a pot of his special goulash would be slowly bubbling over.


The camera would slowly pan away and past a long row of barrels then past a bunch of fermenters and by some of the volunteers bottling and packaging on the line.  It would keep going until it gets to the Mash Tun, where we would find Nick and Justin.  Nick would have a green trucker hat on.  His large mustache reminding us of a younger Sam Elliot as he looks over the control board and Justin, the baby face of the group but none the younger would be pouring some hops into the kettle.


Now, when you listen to the show, you’ll have something fun to envision while each of them speaks.  If you ever get a chance to head down to Hardywood and meet them, let me know what you think of my vision.  Maybe yours is different.  Either way, just make sure to enjoy their great beer.

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